Discount Realtors Versus Rebate Realtors

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Rebate Realtors give you cash back on your home transaction.

Much like the process of purchasing a new phone and receiving cash back, commission rebate realty enables home buyers and sellers to receive cash back after their home sale transaction is complete.

Unlike discount or low commission realtors, commission rebate realtors share their wealth with you. Maybe it sounds counter intuitive, but all gimmicks aside, it's a thank you.

The internet has made property listings available to all, and today's home shoppers are doing a great deal of the work the agents of old used to shoulder. As a way of acknowledging this effort, commission rebate realtors split their commission with you after the home sale is complete.

Local to Placentia, We Help U Buy is an independently owned Orange County real estate company specializing in quality real estate service and commission rebates. Receive a more detailed breakdown of the commission rebate process by visiting our page for Buyers

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